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Our Directory has over 900 locations in the United States and Canada and over 60 international listings!

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Free Listing

1) A free listing with basic location name, address, and telephone number is available to everyone who sells dry ice regularly and fills out the form.


Membership Listing 2) A membership listing adds additional information about your hours of operation and website if you have one. It puts your company  at the top of the list chronologically by date of membership and marks it with a star to show the thousands of inquiring visitors that you help sustain this website. This benefit only costs $9.95 per month or $99.00 per year. If you don't already have a website we can make a simple web page map location with hours and products carried for only $50.00 in addition.

This is the BEST way to keep your customers updated and informed. Knowledgeable customers take less time to serve because they know what they want when purchasing dry ice. Well informed customers are satisfied and purchase dry ice more often.


Marketing your Company

Marketing dry ice equipment

A marketing membership adds a 150 x 150 pixel picture (Remember a picture is worth a thousand words) and 150 x 50 Company Logo to any page of your choice in dryiceInfo.com. Each picture will connect to your company web page of choice. Additional information is listed at the bottom of that web page showing your support.

Larry Clark of RNC said the very first week he was listed he received several telephone calls from dryiceInfo.com customers asking about his shipping boxes.



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Ken Ackerman at: (949) 582-3360

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