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In 1978 Ken, as a business broker, sold a local Ice Business and was then invited to manage it. Although they did not offer Dry Ice, the constant requests convinced him to start carrying it. As with all Dry Ice sellers, he quickly found out that most customers ask more questions than the dollars they spend! After many years of accumulated questions Ken and his wife Ellen started writing down the answers. With a Masters Degree in Education, Ken found he enjoyed educating his customers regarding Dry Ice.

Modern times brought the lure of advertising on the Internet and Ken and Ellen were quick to put their ice business on line. The result was even more questions, now from all over the world. Shipping Dry Ice costs $75.00 to $200.00 plus the cost of Dry Ice and the shipping container - way too much for most people. In five years on the internet - only four orders. Including one to Puerto Rico after a hurricane hit.  

What people needed besides information about Dry Ice was where to find it locally. Ken was proud to start developing the site www.dryiceInfo.com on June 14, 2000. By the end of August he finished writing and started the much harder job of listing Dry Ice sellers. Although first published in November, 2000, that job will never be completed. Anyone can be ADDED for free as a seller at anytime. Of course supporting members get placed at the top of the list.

Ellen started helping her Uncle in the ice business while she attended college in Nebraska. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, she purchased the "Ice Company". Her success in the ice business fundamentally comes from the good work habits and integrity she learned as a country girl growing up in the sand hills of Nebraska. She worked in the ice and dry ice business in Omaha and Tucson before joining Ken in California. Together they have over 80 years of experience in the ice and dry ice business.

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